Our food

Plants Plus Vegetarian Food Juices and Smoothies

Food for health and happiness.

Mila food does good and tastes good.

It’s good for you, because with a very few exceptions* our food is healthy: it’s balanced, mostly fresh vegetables, fruit and healthy fats, free from meat and highly processed foods, low in refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar.

It’s good for the environment, because we source locally as much as we can, we don’t use meat, and wherever we can make dairy and other animal products an option. Eat one of our plant plus breakfasts or main courses and you know you’re fuelling yourself with something that also looks after the planet.

*What about those exceptions? Our delicious, indulgent baking, offering all sorts of special diet options without any compromise on sumptuousness. Because a little bit of what you fancy does you good, and makes you happy.

Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila

Our menu

Our food tastes good, and is good – for you and the planet.

It’s high on fresh veg, fruit and healthy fats; free from meat and highly processed stuff, and low on refined carbs like white flour and sugar.

We do offer eggs and dairy, and you can add either or both to any dish.

Available till 3pm

Fruit AND Grains
Non dairy milk and yogurt 60p extra

Homemade granola with milk or yogurt 5.00
Toasted grains, seeds and dried fruit

Seasonal fruit compote with yogurt 3.50

Granola Fruit and yogurt superbowl 4.50

Simple, made with milk
Sweet Dried fruit or honey +0.60
Extra nutrition Seeds or banana +0.60

Baked bananas with yogurt or maple syrup 4.00
Add toasted seeds +0.60

Croissant 2.00 Pain au chocolat 2.40 Pain au raisin 2.40

Toast with jam, honey, peanut butter 2.50

Create your ideal brunch
Available till 3pm

Half an avocado 1.80 Saffron and turmeric hummus 1.80
Spinach and kale falafel 1.50 Roast tomato 1.00
Giant pesto mushroom 1.20 Rösti potatoes 1.20
Home made baked beans Rich, delicious and saucy 1.20
Baked bananas 2.00
Toast One round of bread 1.80


Poached egg 1.20 2 Scrambled eggs 3.00
Grilled halloumi 2.50

Available 11:30 to 2:30


Soup of the day with bread 5.80
Soul bowl of the day 9.50
Stuffed vegetable of the day 7.50


Avocado, spinach, squash and toasted walnut salad 7.50
with tahini dressing


Poached egg 1.20 Grilled halloumi 2.00
Green salad 3.50
Falafel pitta with hummus and crunchy veg 6.50

In a wrap, on an open sandwich
or on toasted sourdough

Our special hummus, mint, vegetable ribbons 5.50
Fresh pesto, ricotta cheese / cashew paste, roast tomatoes 6.50
Avocado, beetroot, dill and micro greens 7.50


We’re happy to make a half size portion of anything for half the price.


Hummus, crudités and toast fingers 4.50
Avocado, carrot and cheese wrap 4.50
Home made beans on toast 4.00

and indulgences

OK, we admit, not everything on offer is right on and super healthy.

We believe in a balance between healthy and happy, and if a little indulgence makes you happy we have what you want.

Look on the counter or ask your waiter for today’s baked offerings. Always gluten free, dairy free and vegan choices.

From £2.00

Food allergies and intolerances

Most of our food is made on the premises in a small kitchen where we handle allergens.

We cannot guarantee that anything is 100% allergen free.

Please enquire to be certain.

Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila



We are proud of our coffee – we believe it’s the best in town and it’s definitely the freshest – roasted and blended by CUPSMITH, just down the road in Farnham.
Our regular size is a double shot – Just ask if you would like more or less.
From 2.00


Vanilla, gingerbread, hazelnut or caramel +0.60


The folks at CUPSMITH blend most of our teas. Served in eco friendly bags in either a mug or a size of teapot to suit thirst or number of drinkers.
From 1.60


Moroccan mint tea 3.50 / 6.00
Made the traditional way but we leave you to add the sugar

Fresh mint or ginger tea 2.20

Iced tea 2.20
Raspberry, lemon or peach


Hot chocolate to die for See the board for options From 2.60


Vitality in a glass, freshly made to order.


Freshly squeezed OJ Nothing more 3.20


Apple, kale, celery, cucumber, parsley 4.00
A great start to the day. Refreshing and energy boosting


Apple, carrot, orange, ginger, beetroot, lime 4.20
The king of juices. Good for your ticker and a lot more –
Skin, digestion, and blood pressure


Apple, carrot, ginger, celery, cucumber 4.20
The name says it all. A great way to detoxify and cleanse


Apple, lime, lots of ginger, mint 4.00
Zip and zing in a glass. A perfect pick me up and immune booster


Apple, kale, cucumber celery, carrot, lemon 4.00
Keeps your PH in balance


with Apple juice 4.20 Milk 4.00 Non dairy milk 5.00


Mixed berries, banana


Mango, papaya, honey



For the purist, cow’s milk 4.20 Non dairy 5.00

Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila


Fresh and delicious

Vegetarian or Vegan food at your place or ours.

Treat family or friends to a sumptuous supper or light lunch any time and place you like.

We can cook for you at the cafe or deliver a taste of Mila to your venue of choice. Either way we will tailor an event for you: we don’t have set menus, preferring to work with you to create a meal to delight and even surprise your guests. We can do almost anything within the bounds of your imagination and budget.

The cafe has been the venue for birthday, business, and celebratory dinners; naming ceremonies and christenings. Pushing the boat out a little we have also hosted:

A Gatsby themed cocktails and canapés party for 100 guests

A four course, silver service formal 50th dinner for 50

Photography and art exhibitions with canapé reception.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your ideal meal please email Jane

Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila

opening hours

The café offers full service Tuesday through to Sunday. Monday is our chef’s day off, but you can still drop in from 10:00 to 14:00 for smoothies and the finest tea, coffee and cake in town.

10:00 to 14:00

Tuesday to Friday
08:00 to 17:00

08:30 to 17:00

09:00 to 16:00

We look forward to seeing you soon!

CAFÉ contact

Mila, One Angel Court
Godalming, Surrey GU7 1DT

CAFÉ 01483 808 569

We’re always happy to hear from our customers and to help with any queries or special requests.

Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila
Eat - cafe Mila