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Think about a time when you felt at ease, happy with life; the way you feel after a good yoga class.
For most of us, it’s a rare state of being. We all want more of it, and you'll find it in a state of balance.

We don’t just want it, but need it too— because we spend so much of our time planning, rushing, worrying; doing far more than just being. And in a state of stress we tend to do the wrong things— like ordering a double-shot latte when what we really need is a herbal tea. We over-indulge our cravings, spend less time with friends and family, drink too much, sleep too little.

When life’s demands trigger our reaction mode, when we’re “out of whack”, we feel the strain physically and emotionally; our nervous systems take a hit, our immune system breaks down,

but we are most profoundly affected on an energetic level.

There is a way to avoid living liked Stressed Eric. It’s all about balance.

Balance is whole-ness, a sense of total well-being that can be achieved by integrating our systems— physical, energetic and spiritual. In this state we flow, and glow, and radiate goodness. Our energy levels up, we cruise rather than stumble through life, with confidence, without fear.

Imbalance – whether it’s simply a case of being out of step with life’s natural rhythms or a deeper malady caused by severe stress or trauma- manifests in our physical body. An experienced therapist or teacher can tell which centres are out of balance simply by watching you sit, stand, or move.

There is an up-side to the fact that stress shows up physically: you can begin to re-balance with a body-centred practice. To achieve whole-ness you need to go deeper, to re-balance energetically and spiritually. And that’s the essence of Chakra Yoga.

A Chakra-based practice is designed to re-align those centres where we receive and assimilate our vital energy. Keeping them in balance is the key to vibrant health, healing, and spiritual growth.

A typical class will focus on one chakra, combining asanas that target the energy centre and pranayama to focus the mind and move the vital energy. This has the effect of clearing blockages and opening the way to a rejuvenating flow of prana.

Adding sound -as simple as repetitive chanting of seed mantras- deepens the therapeutic effect and opens the door to the more subtle aspects of the chakras. Focusing on this subtle energy in meditation leads to a deeper integration of the practice, and balances body, mind, and spirit.

Thus balanced, we relax. Free of stress, full of life.